Treïs – Certified climate partner

ID #123434

“Our mission is to sustain and transmit our family values and legacy, and to promote responsible entrepreneurship, contributing to a free and balanced society confident in the future.”

Statistics on the collaboration


Trees financed


tonnes Co2 deleted (in 25 years)



We Are A Family Owned Group, Active In Responsible And Sustainable Investment

Treïs is an investment group operating and investing in both the real economy and financial assets and services. We seek to deliver financial performance and sustainability resulting in sound returns with positive economic and social impact.Our diverse portfolio is built around a multi-asset management platform, growth investment and ventures mandates. We aim to achieve economic performance whilst preserving and protecting our environment and society. For this reason our investment partners are companies that contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable economic and social model.

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Planting area

2,1 hectar. Planting starting november 2019.