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Sustainable Development

The majority of the people in our project areas are living below the poverty line. They are struggling to survive with very little, and worry about their future. The destruction of mangrove forests has diminished natural resources and increased exposure to the dangers of extreme weather like the monster cyclone Nargis in 2008.

Our efforts in restoring lost mangrove forests are not only to mitigate CO2, but to also assist people in creating a better and safer existence with no need to destroy natural resources for survival. Our target is to increase income for the 63% living below the poverty line, with 100% higher income within the next 5 years. Livelihood creation, education, improvements in health services and the introduction of renewable energy are on top of the agenda.

After years of working with the communities, people have become more confident in their future. The benefits have been job creation, the use of wood saving stoves, village energy forests, the distribution of solar lights, and more. In addition, charcoal burners of mangrove have been supported with new income opportunities, providing them with better lives than before.

This is only the beginning. Our projects aim at social and economic revival based on sustainable development principles. As more resources are generated, development will secure the future that people deserve, while contributing to combating climate change.

Sustainable development is solidarity with ourselves and the children of the future.

Worldview’s work with UN SDGs:

SDG-1: No Poverty

These projects have opened up many career opportunities within the project and also through the livelihood programs, training and new career opportunities are introduced to generate extra income to the village communities.

SDG-2: Zero Hunger

Awareness and training programs are being delivered to the village communities on sustainable animal husbandry, beekeeping, aquaculture, agriculture, and seaweed farming to fulfill the nutrient requirements of the people.

SDG-3: Good Health and Well-Being

Worldview has supported all hospitals in project areas with Covid equipment, vaccination and medicines. Operating preventive community groups in health and hygiene.

SDG-4: Quality Education

Scholarship programs, English programs and training for IT skills are all delivered through our livelihood programs. Worldview also aids in provisioning schools with supplies as needed.

SDG-5: Gender Equality

All of Worldview’s livelihood programs encourage at least 30% female participation.

SDG-6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Tube wells and rainwater harvesting ponds, essential infrastructure for security of drinking water during drought periods, are provided to communities through Worldview livelihood programs.

SDG-7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Worldview partakes in the distribution of solar lamps to children and implementation of community solar electricity to help further the opportunities available to those involved in our projects.

SDG-8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Worldview offers community based interest-free revolving funds for small scale enterprises and other cooperative initiatives for improved income generation.

SDG-9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Worldview helps develop and implement tailored infrastructure improvements in the communities we work with. Ice plants and solar dryers to improve seafood harvests in fishing communities are some examples of community infrastructure projects.

SDG-10: Reduced Inequalities

Emphasizing equality in all activities in the planting process as well as in support of sustainable community development are cornerstones of Worldview’s projects.

SDG- 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainability and sustainable development is the core theme throughout all of our activities.

SDG-12: Responsible Consumption and Production

In encouraging the start of cottage industries, Worldview’s main goal is to promote responsible consumption and production.

SDG-13: Climate Action

Large scale Blue Carbon mangrove restoration responsible for meaningful climate change mitigation.

SDG-14: Life Below Water

Mangrove restoration increases fish stocks by up to 50%, and upcoming projects in seagrass restoration aim to ensure protection of threatened Dugong populations.

SDG-15: Life On Land

Worldview’s livelihood program implementation is solely focused on improving lives on land alongside our projects.

SDG-16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Worldview is working in areas with diverse ethnic groups and emphasizes equality and cooperation in all its activities. Our ultimate goal is to promote a peaceful country.

SDG-17: Partnerships for the Goals

Worldview already works with academic institutions and partners to implement its projects and continually seeks partnership with other organizations to further its efforts to carry out the UN SDGs.

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