Starboard – Certified climate positive

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“We calculate our carbon footprint yearly and give out a report for everyone to read, aiming to be completely transparent about our impact on the planet. Our whole carbon footprint is offset by the mangroves’ unique carbon storage abilities.”

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We have only this one planet, and saving it is everybody’s duty

At Starboard, we have over the past years become more aware of our environmental impact and we are making powerful progress in the fields of sustainability and eco-innovation. It’s important that we apply corporate social responsibly to our actions. As one of the biggest SUP and Windsurf board manufacturers – we are accountable for the pollutions we emit into the world.

We have found a way to reduce our negative impact and use our business as a force for positive change. We are cutting down on our emissions by introducing eco-friendlier material into production and finding better ways to shape our boards. This is lowering our carbon emissions – as well as decreasing our dependence on virgin materials.

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Our Mangrove forest in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar is continuing to expand as Starboard is going carbon net positive once again this year, planting more mangroves and sequestering more CO2 than we produce. Additionally, we plant one mangrove per board sold – making every board ten times carbon net positive.