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Small State Islands

Mangrove protective shield for small state islands

Small State Islands mangrove restoration projects will provide protection of lives and homesteads from sea level rise. Populations in many small state islands are threatened by drowning from increased sea level rise. Natural protective shields of mangroves can reduce the risk of immediate catastrophe. Empowered by knowledge, the people are able to participate in reducing the effects of sea level rise by using natural methods.

The plights of these heroic communities fighting for their existence seems to have been ignored at UN COP27. The fossil industries are netting record high income from polluting the atmosphere, while CO2 climate gasses are fuelling climate change with increasing misery and deaths. The 37 small state islands and other vulnerable communities around the globe, far away from the glittering Head Quarters of the profit seeking fossil companies are the victims. Urgent help is needed.

The first projects will be launched in 2024, tailor made for communities in crisis.

Our goal is to mobilize youth for urgent climate action

We intend to reach out to youth in other small state islands in danger of drowning from rapid sea level rise by expanding our activities. We believe in solidarity with the global youth, who have no other planet to inherit. Employing natural climate solutions, tested and proven effective over millions of years, can help this young generation take back control of their future.

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