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Mangrove nursery

VCS approval

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3.5 million tons carbonFirst approval in Asia First mangrove VCS initiative in Asia. First clients Salesforce and Cool Effect VCSA new milestone The project reached a new milestone in 2018...

Children Forest

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2018. The young generation The biggest inspiration in 2018 was the growing wave of international commitment for climate action by the young generation in our global village. School children from...

Progress report 2018

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2.2 million trees in 2018Were planted in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park on 2,200 Ha.More land Available land for planting has been increased to 100,000 HaSurvival rate recordWe achieved a record-breaking...

Wonder of Life

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Y es, it is a wonderful world. The only planet teeming with life in the endless, mysterious universe. We are fortunate to be blessed with this rich heritage, the wonderful...