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Scaling Blue Carbon investment
with long term partners

Support us to achieve our ambitious goals in a mutually rewarding partnership

WIF is expanding with new projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America and welcomes partners to invest in substantial volumes of new areas for planting. We are focused on scaling mangrove restoration, seagrass conservation, and seaweed production, with livelihoods and sustainable community development in support of vulnerable coastal communities. We have pioneered 5 VERRA blue carbon projects with rapid expansion underway. BeZero Carbon rated our first project (VCS#1764) AA in 2022.

"Invest in the conscience for urgent climate action and international solidarity."

Dr. Arne Fjortoft, Secretary General WIF

Our mangrove trees are protected by community participation

Carbon capture during 25 years: 50 million tons CO2, more than one year emission from oil and gas country Norway.

High quality
blue carbon

Record high 96% survival rate of plants in healthy growth, contributing to 13 SDG’s.

WIF shares 50% of carbon captured with investors and 50% for sustainable development and livelihood projects for the vulnerable local communities where the majority of families fall below the poverty line.

Early stage investors benefit from cost efficiencies in sourcing large quantities of carbon credits combined with transparency on quality. All projects are verified through the VERRA Foundation, the leading global standard for voluntary nature-based carbon credits. All projects undertake a rigid annual independent audit and monitoring to become a certified VERRA project, listed in the VERRA Registry before issuance of credits can take place. All carbon credits are issued by the VERRA Foundation and will be listed and validated in their Registry, before they can be distributed to the investor.

To invest in nature is to invest in our collective future. Join us in scaling Blue Carbon climate action.

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This site is protected by hCaptcha and its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.