Combat climate change

as a business

Worldview helps climate-conscious businesses to address the unavoidable footprint while we all work towards a sustainable economy. Engage your customers and show your contribution.

Some of our climate friendly partners

Climate partner

To become a climate partner the company will need to finance over 500 trees.
The company will receive a partner emblem with a unique ID linked to a list on this website.

Climate positive

To get the climate positive emblem we need validated reports on your footprint. (Use e.g.)
WIF will calculate how many trees that needs to be planted in order to go positive.
The company will receive a climate positive emblem with a unique ID linked to this site.

Partner page

For orders above 4000 trees, WIF will make a partner profile page with text describing the partnership.

See example pages:

Starboard page
Treis page

The certificate explained:

Your unique number for your trees.
Area code specific to your trees.
Scan to see where your trees is being planted.
How many trees you financed.
Choose whatever name you like.
How much carbon your trees will store.