Worldview International Foundation

When WIF was established, at the dawn of the communication revolution, I believed it would change the world.
It did.

Dr. Arne Fjortoft, Secretary General WIF

What is WIF?

WIF is a non-political/non-religious International NGO, specialized in blue carbon projects in support of UN Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2012 WIF pioneered the first mangrove restoration project in Asia to be verified by VERRA and has since expanded its blue carbon achievements to include sea grass conservation and seaweed planting/harvesting for human consumption and various other products. This was expanded to include wild seaweed harvest in 2022 to further increase the climate impact.

It latest project development is to improve food security with potentials from mangrove trees and associate plants, as well as promote natural medicinal products from its mangrove parks in 3 countries covering 60,000 ha by early 2022 and fast expanding.

WIF has with scientific methods greatly improved planting methods with higher cost efficiency and 96% record survival rate of plants.

WIF has also gained valuable experience in planting on mud flats, grasslands and wetlands, still maintaining its 96% high survival rate of plants. WIF has a highly motivates professional staff of 65, the majority forestry graduates with long experience in mangrove restoration (among them 3 scientists with PhD in Mangrove Restoration and Marine Science), 32 Forestry University graduate field technicians and 700 trained planters.

Our goals are to restore lost mangrove forests with 1 billion trees by 2030, mitigating over 200 million tons CO2 during 25 years of tree growth. This is doable in partnership with likeminded investment partners sharing the same vision for a sustainable future from nature’s own climate solution tested during millions of years.

The vision of bringing public education, by new effective methods and technologies, to the disadvantaged was worth the efforts of nearly 40 years of pioneering activities in 26 countries.

Today, we live in a global village. It is threatened by climate change. Our vision and commitment to this challenge will determine living conditions for our children, grandchildren and future generations. This is the most fundamental challenge in human history. We have to act quickly with effective solutions. Restoring lost mangrove forests is a practical, meaningful contribution to strengthening nature’s own methods for balancing the climate, tested over thousands of years. Planting miracle mangrove trees is more than a vision, it is a celebration for life on earth. Believing in a livable future is more than a dream, it is a commitment to our global village.

Dr. Arne Fjortoft

Secretary General & Founder Worldview International Foundation, In consultative status with the United Nations


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