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Worldview International Foundation pioneering


in support of UN Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Blue Carbon Investment Opportunities

Join us in accelerating blue carbon financing for the benefits of long term partners for climate action and community participation.


Pioneering Blue Carbon Climate Solutions

Worldview cooperates with private and public partners in high-quality and cost-effective offsets of carbon footprints. Our specialty is mangrove restoration and conservation with livelihoods and sustainable community development.


Mangroves planted

How to Buy Carbon Credits

Our priority is to market blue carbon credits from natural climate solutions in partnership with vulnerable climate communities.

To offset your emissions and mitigate your carbon footprint, please complete the form below and receive high quality blue carbon credits.

Blue Carbon Project Impact:


Community partners in sustainable development and livelihoods programs.


Increasing annual income
within the first 5 years.


Sustainable Development Goals.

Main Partners

Mangrove Forests

Worldview is focused on the restoration and conservation of mangrove forests, ensuring a protective shield for vulnerable communities against the effects of climate change, as well as increased seafood production and CO2 mitigation.

Sustainable Development

62% of the population in these communities are below the UN poverty index. We aim to increase earnings by 100% within 5 years by focusing on livelihoods and generating income through mangrove restoration in adaptation to climate change.


In conserving and restoring Blue Carbon, we must also protect biodiversity. Worldview established the first mangrove gene bank and protects marine life by conserving their habitats.

WIF has since 1979 pioneered 680 sustainable development projects in 26 countries.

Today, we live in a global village. It is threatened by climate change, the most fundamental challenge in human history

Restoring lost mangrove forests is a practical and meaningful contribution for climate action in solidarity with vulnerable communities. It strengthens nature’s own methods for climate balance, tested over millions of years.

Believing in a livable future is more than a dream, it is a commitment to our global village.

Dr. Arne Fjørtoft
Secretary General & Founder WIF,
In consultative status with
the United Nations



    July 24, 2023
    FRONTIER; an independent leading publication in Myanmar carried this article in its July edition: Mangrove restoration helps local communities – and the planet

    WCF Signs MOU with DMCR

    July 05, 2023
    On Tuesday 13th June 2023, Worldview Climate Foundation in Thailand was invited to sign an MOU with Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) to further develop Blue Carbon opportunities in support of communities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    Planting season 2023

    June 05, 2023
    Providing livelihoods and Sustainable Development to disadvantaged families in over 90 partner communities in support of the UN Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals.


    January 01, 2023
    Our Heroes, 1010 highly skilled planters, restored 8000 ha of destroyed nature with 20 million new mangrove trees in 2022. With a restoration target of 10.000 ha in 2023, 25 million additional trees will be borne, a total 100 million since our first plants came to life 8 years ago.

    How to buy credits

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